Swimming Pool Sand Filter

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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Valve Size 1
Brand Kozik
Vessel Material Bobbin Wound Fiberglass
No of Filter positions 6
Screw Material Stainless Steel

Swimming Pool Sand filters are the best filters available for Swimming Pools. These comprise of a pressure vessel made up of Bobbin Wound Fiberglass and a multiport valve. The vessel is filled with Filtration media. The media cleans the water when it passes through the filter at high pressure and all the impurities are left filtered in the filter only. What passes out is clean water.

A sand filter will take care of all the Physical impurities (like sand, dust, dirt) dissolved in the water.

The sand Filters are fitted with a multi-port valve which helps using the same filter for various functions.

These functions are:

  • Filter (normal filtration and vacuuming)
  • Backwash (cleaning filter by reversing the flow)
  • Rinse (use flush dirt from valve)
  • Waste (vacuums waste or lowers water level)
  • Recirculate (by-passes filter for circulating water)
  • Closed (shuts off all flow filter or pool)
  • Specifications –
  • Brand – kozik
  • Moc- Fiberglas


  • 100% water leak, pressure and functional factory tested
  • Durable lever action handle
  • Wear-resistant rotator handle
  • 6 positions, positive –lock operation provides access to a full range of filtration
  • SS316 spring & screw, non corrosive salt water
  • Oil pressure gauge included
  • 3x unions offered in imperials or metric standard
  • Low Cost of Spare Parts
  • One year warranty (except the consuming parts)

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