Swimming Pool Racing Lane

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Color Any
Size Any
Brand PW/Kozik

Our Swimming Pool Racing Lanes are made up of Plastic Pool floats ( ball or anti-wave floats) , and are used demarcate the different lanes of the swimmers. This ensures that the 2 swimmers do not center each other’s lanes and do not collide into each other.

The Racing Lanes with anti-wave model ensure that waves generated by one swimmer do not enter the lane of the other swimmer which can affect the speed of the other swimmers.

Comes with a rope tightener and Dog hook for hooking in the Anchor cups.


  • Demarcated each swimmer’s Lanes
  • Prevents swimmers from colliding
  • Prevents waves from one swimmers entering other swimmer’s lane
  • Makes the competition a fair-play
  • Different sizes, lengths and colors available
  • Can be removed from swimming pool and reinstalled when required

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