Swimming Pool Pipeless Filter

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Product Details:

Color White
Brand Kozik
Material Fiberglass
Motor Pump 1hp , 2hp , 4hp
Flow Rate 25000 lph , 35000 lph , 50000 lph

Kozik’s Swimming Pool Pipeless Filters are one stop solution for all your Pools needs.

The pipeless Filter is a product that alone keeps care of Filtration, Lighting, Chemical Dosing, Suction Sweeping and Ladder of the pool. No Piping or plumbing is required for installation of the Pipeless Filter as it is just hung on the Swimming Pool Wall. It can even be installed on existing swimming pools that do not have any piping or plumbing done and it can also be installed on new swimming pools. The Pipeless filter alone plays the role of Swimming pool filter, motor, skimmer, nozzle jet, light, ladder, chemical feeder and suction sweeping machine. Because of all these features, it is swiftly becoming the first choice for pool owners and industry professionals.


  • No piping or plumbing required
  • Can be installed in existing pool without pipelines
  • Easy installation – just hang on the wall
  • Easy Cleaning – Just wash the Filter Bags
  • Swimming pool filter, motor, skimmer, nozzle jet, light not required in pool
  • ladder, chemical feeder and the suction sweeping machine not required in the pool
  • Saves cost of piping and plumbing
  • Saves Cost of machinery room and balancing tank
  • Single unit does all the work

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