Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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Product Details:

Water Flow 0.8~2.5 m3/h
Pool Volume up to 20,000 liter
Water Connection 2.0/50 inch/cm
Heating Capacity 6.4 Kw
Power Input 1394 w
Power Supply 230/1/50 v/ph/Hz
Circuit Breaker 30 AMP

We are suppliers of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps, heaters are heating systems used for Big swimming Pools. We import world-renowned Kozik Brand Swimming Pool Heat Pumps.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are highly energy efficient Heating Systems. They transfer heat from the atmosphere to the water. They work on a principle similar to Air conditioners.

Kozik pool heat pump keeps your pool water warm 24 hours a day without the need to worry about the energy bills. It only requires some energy to operate a compressor and a fan motor to produce up to five times more heat energy than the electricity consumed. It offers you significant operational cost saving.

Swimming Pool heat pumps consist of a compressor and are charges with refrigerant gas.


  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Economical and high-efficiency
  • Easy installation and Long operating life
  • Compact and sleek unit
  • Pump and flow switch included
  • Japanese Compressors
  • Intelligent digital indicator controller
  • Advanced electronic controlling
  • Smart computer control and LCD display controller make
  • Multi protections to protect from water temperature compressor exhaust pressure, compressor temperature, evaporator temperature and so on
  • Galvanized powder coated steel cabinet
  • Titanium heat exchanger in PVC shell
  • Bluetec coated hydrophilic evaporator
  • Precise temperature control to 1 degree
  • Multi-functional optional parts
  • Eco-friendly gas

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